142 on Blue, 67x59"
Puppies (Hunting Party), 60x60"
Joker, 60x48"
Green Suede Sand, 67x67"
Good Morning (Bright and Early), 48x48"
... at First Sight, 12x12"
300 on the Coast, 48x60"
Cow Tongue, 48x48"
Birds at the Beach, 28x28"
Found You, 12x12"
Blue Birds, 38x38"
Giraffe on Speckles, 12x12"
Ducks in a Pond #2, 36x36"
Pink, 48x48"
Galapagos Acquaintance, 36x36"
Giraffe on Blue Field, 36x36"
Hounds on Grey, 36x36"
I Wish, 12x12"
Ducks in a Pond #1, 36x36"
One Wish, 48x48"
Ducks in a Pond #3, 48x48"
Marty, 48x48"
Morning Crowd, 48x48"
Mountain Goat (In Training), 12x12"
My Pig, 12x12"
Nighthawks, 28x28"
Peach Beach, 28x28"
Slanted Beach, 48x65"
Storyteller, 12x12"
Teal Birds, 38x38"
Behind the Teal Fence, 48x48"
The Chase, 12x12"
Whats up There, 48x48"
Yellow Feet, 28x28"
Yellow Field Cow, 12x12"
Stargazers (Nightwatch), 60x60"
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